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Hello all! I'm sorry this is like the worst kind of last minute call but ncis_bigbang is up and running again, looking for authors and artists, and Author Signups close today (or tomorrow, depends on where you live).

Author Signups Post (closing 16th June - today/tomorrow!)
Artist Signups Post (open until 29th August)
The Entire Schedule of Round 2013
FAQ Post (it's from 2011 but they are using it for this round too so don't worry!)
Support Community: ncis_discuss

Important dates taken from the schedule post:

Author Signups Open - 11th May
Artist Signups Open - 11th May

Author Signups Close - 16th June
Rough Drafts Due - 29th August
Artist Signups Close - 29th August
Draft Summaries Posted - 30th August
Art Claims Open - 1st September (First Round)
Posting Begins - 19th October

I haven't signed up myself yet but will be as an artist soon. Hoping to see you over there :)
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29 April 2013 @ 04:00 am
There's a post up on ncis_bigbang asking if there's any interest in a new round. It's open for both NCIS and NCIS: LA (possibly for NCIS: Red too), also crossovers and fusions. Nothing engaged, just calculating the possibilities - although from the amount of interest from NCIS side it does look like a go. Let the mods know if you're interested in NCIS: LA (or any others), and as a writer and/or an artist! :)

(Crossposting all over LJ like crazy; sorry for spamming your flist.)
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11 March 2013 @ 01:00 am


*Post includes the behind the scenes pics of the latest episode (4.17); they are not that spoilery - *I* haven't watched it yet - but still, beware!
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06 March 2013 @ 01:00 am
2 gifsets and 6 gifs (total 16 gifs, various sizes), Sam/G and LL & COD.

---> HERE

20 January 2013 @ 05:30 am
44 icons & 7 graphics (NCIS: LA, Hawaii Five-0, etc): HERE

Chris O'Donnell moodtheme (with fair amount of LL Cool J appearance ;D): HERE

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89 multifandom icons + a couple of gifs HERE (No spoilers for S4)

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16 August 2012 @ 09:19 am
A quick, tiny picspam for/inspired by faviconwillwork4dean's Sam & G fic Cold War

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10 NCIS: LA/cast icons & a couple of gifs, The Company (TNT miniseries 2007, starring Chris O'Donnell) picspam for Callen h/c inspiration; post is a bit image heavy with caps and gifs so be warned.


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26 April 2012 @ 03:11 am
Still spamming.

44 NCIS: Los Angeles and cast related icons in multifandom icon batch [total 89]


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